FJ cruiser transfer case swap harness

FJ cruiser transfer case swap harness

When swapping in an fj cruiser transfer case to a 4th gen 4Runner, Tacoma, 1st gen Tundra or Sequoia. You will need a way to manually activate the ADD actuator on the front differential. This harness does just that.

When installing, you’ll need to attach the free red wire, on the harness, to a 12v power source. A key on Ignition source is preferred. The free white wire on the harness will need to be grounded.

To engage the actuator, hold down on the bottom of the switch for 2 seconds and then release. The light should illuminate. To disengage the actuator, hold the top of the switch down for 2 seconds. The light on the switch should go out.

Harness lead time - 1 week